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Latest Fixed Deposit Rates of SBI, ICICI, HDFC and Axis Banks

Bank Fixed Deposits is one of the most popular ways to save money for the future.

Even today, many people prefer Fixed Deposits over other investment options as they offer a secured return and easy withdrawal in case of an emergency.

Bank deposit rates are on a downward journey and will keep on going down as time passes by with more rate cuts being done by the RBI.

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Interest rates on fixed deposits offered by various banks vary widely depending on their investment tenure.

If you are willing to park your money for short term or if you are a conservative investor or if you are a senior citizen or if you consider this as an alternative for your emergency funds instead of savings account, you can invest in these bank FD schemes.

Let’s look at the various interest rates provided by the top banks in India as of 1st Nov 2017.

SBI FD Rates:


HDFC FD Rates:

Axis FD Rates:

So, friends, these are the latest FD rates provided by the top banks in India.

What do you think? Is it still wise to invest in them? Let us know…

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